Nursing Home Admin


The Company:
We offer high quality skilled nursing and rehabilitation services in more than 30 locations throughout Texas.  Each facility is locally staffed and a vital part of the community.  The combination of local expertise supported by high standards and more than 25 years of operational experience allows for a personal and genuine experience at each locations.

Scope of the Job:
This position reports to the Vice President of Operations and will be based at the managing facility in Del Rio, Texas.  The facility Administrator will be responsible for all aspects of running a high quality skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility.  This includes facilities management, fiscal oversight and budgeting, regulatory compliance, staffing, training and development, and patient safety.

Act as liaison with the governing body, medical and nursing staff, and other professional and supervisory staff, through regular meetings and periodic reporting.

Supervise the recruitment, employment, and discharge of all staff.

Works with the department heads in hiring personnel and assures that there is adequate numbers of staff to meet the needs of the resident on a twenty-four (24) hour basis.

Supervise all department heads, including office staff. Supervise, by regular rounds and conference, the work of all responsible personnel. Check with department heads daily.
Evaluate the performance of each employee periodically with the Department Head and discuss the evaluation with the employee, when needed.

Work with the Department Heads in providing opportunities and material for regular staff meetings and in-service education pertaining to the job.

Promote in position as the individual merits it when vacancies or a new position occurs and pay as the individual merits it.

Assist the Department Heads in dismissing from employment any person whose work is not satisfactory.

Arrange with appropriate state and legal agencies for guardianship for residents who need it.

Work with the bookkeeping and purchasing departments to disburse monies as needed, recording and getting a receipt for each disbursement.

Responsible for Petty Cash account and all accounts receivable.

Work with the bookkeeping and purchasing departments to provide a safe place for storing physical management records and personnel records.

Work with the facility staff in notifying appropriate staff and local agencies of transfer, temporary or permanent discharge, or death of any resident receiving Medicaid funds.

Make sure that all Accounts Receivable are current and follow up on any delinquent accounts for services.

Keep equipment in operating order.

Study and keep current with the changes of all regulations.

Develop and maintain contact with local individuals and local organizations appropriate to proper public relations.

Be an active member of all committees, where applicable and set meeting dates and ascertains that copies of the minutes and reports of these meetings are kept and sent to proper officials.

Establish standard operating procedures for physician practices, in coordination with the Nursing Director.

Review and evaluate all reports and document the disposition of recommendations and implementation from the facility’s committees and consultants.

Make sure that any volunteer program is planned and supervised by a designated employee.

Actively assist and participate in the development and retention of staff through recruitment, training and nurturing the employees of the nursing facility.

The Administrator and Director of Nursing must advise the corporate consultants of potential new management hiring and training.

The Administrator, Director of Nursing or designee must make themselves available to the consultant for entrances, visits throughout the day and exits on any relevant findings.

Know the Compliance Program; serve as the facility Compliance Officer and train all staff on the Compliance Program.

Maintain the privacy of the resident’s health information in accordance with HIPAA and serving as the facility HIPAA Officer.

Candidate Requirements:
We seek a skilled nursing home professional with 5+ years of experience as an Administrator with a demonstrated and proven track record of success with state surveys.

Must hold a current license, in good standing.  Will consider candidates outside of Texas.  Willing to relocate the right candidate.

We seek a professional who is passionate about elder care and has demonstrated sound financial management skills, and quality outcomes.

We seek a great communicator who embraces training and development and serves as a mentor to staff.

A compensation package will be designed to attract outstanding talent and will include a base salary, performance bonus and an attractive benefits package.

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